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Ross Pospisil left the active service of the Marine Corps as a captain serving as a combat engineer. No longer in active service within the military, he and his wife continue to serve as missionaries across the Pacific. Join Josh and Billy as they speak with Ross about how God has led him down his unique path through the Marine Corps and into missions. If you would like to find out more about the ministry Ross and his wife are conducting and would like to support them click here.


Kyle Lamb is the founder and owner of Viking Tactics as well as a veteran of the most elite special forces unit in the military. He uses his unique skills and vast combat experience to train warriors across the country. Listen in as Josh and Billy speak to Kyle about the purpose of controlling your environment instead of letting it control you.

For more information about Kyle Lamb and his company visit https://www.vikingtactics.com/


Everyone experiences a transition at some point in their life. Whether it be a move, a new job, or deciding to start a family. These transitions in life tempt us to be anxious. We wonder if it's the right time or if we have the means to accomplish them. This anxiety or worry can bring uncertainty and  cause tension. As believers, we can be bold in these times in our lives because we have the one true God to rely on. We know God is sovereign. His plans are the right ones for us. Understanding this truth allows us to cast off doubt or fear of any transition we encounter in life. 

 If you would like to visit Jim's website http://www.warrioronthewall.org/spiritual-fortification.html

From the Airborne to law enforcement, Mikey Winkelman has always been a warrior. The Lord has blessed Mikey with an ability to articulate his experiences in way that is powerful and relatable to all Christian men and women. He has authored a phenomenal devotional entitled, Sing Your Warsong Christian!.  Listen in as Billy and Josh speak with him about his faith and the lessons he has learned about being bold in the face of adversity during his walk with the Lord.  

For good or bad, service members, active or not, will always remember their First Sergeants! Listen as Billy reconnects with a dear friend and his favorite First Sergeant (retired), Joshua Nodurft. Billy was fortunate it enough to serve alongside Josh for his last active duty deployment and was blessed by his friendship the entire time they worked toegether.
A great Staff NCO can and should have a tremendous impact on young officers, 1stSgt Nodurft was no exception! Listen as Billy and Josh spend time discussing what God taught Josh during his time of service in the USMC as well as now through the transition to 1st Civ. Div.
Join Billy and Josh as they enjoy the opportunity to discuss the great work The Not OK Project is doing! This is a tremendous nonprofit organization that cares for law enforcement officers mentally, physically, and spiritually. The president and founder, Eric Meier and his Vice President, Jason Williams, explain how they care for law enforcement officers and why they started this amazing organization. If you would like to find out more about The Not OK Project visit their website: https://www.notokproject.com

Cody Perkins is a devout man of God with a true desire to serve with integrity. He has boldly stepped up to take on the role of the Texas SE Team Leader for ETL! Ever since joining the team, Cody has made a large and positive impact within the ETL community and even more importantly, God's Kingdom. Join Billy on this episode and get to know one of the new leaders and why he felt God was calling him to be a part of ETL.


Join Josh and Billy and the rest of the ETL community as they join in on a discussion with esteemed homicide detective, author, and apologist J. Warner Wallace. Mr. Wallace provides inspiring insight and encouragement to law enforcement officers during these trying times. Having an extensive background in law enforcement and ministry allows J. Warner Wallace to a unique and articulate worldview.

Josh and Billy get the awesome opportunity to speak with Don and Bridget Brewster, the founders of Agape International Missions (AIM).  In this episode you will find out who AIM is and how their ministry takes up the noble cause to combat human trafficking. AIM is on the front lines rescuing victims of human trafficking as well as providing them a  means to heal. Tune in to find out how a faith-filled couple answered God's call and lives their lives with boldness to serve others.

To find out more information on Agape International Missions check out their website https://agapewebsite.org/