New Jersey


Join us in Rockaway New Jersey!

Our New Jersey Chapter is led by Ret. Captain  Garry Del Grecco of the West New York Police Department.  If you would like more info about our New Jersey Chapter email  

About Garry:

Garry Del Greco has spent over 35 years in law enforcement and retired at the rank of Captain. Garry began his career as a special officer for the West New York Park Police for 3 years before was hired as a Police Officer with the West New York Police Department located located in Hudson County, New Jersey.

After ten years on the force Garry left his wife Judy and 6 his month old daughter. Despite Garry leaving, God was not done with him. Garry's wife gave her life to the Lord, and her new church began to fervently pray for him. After 15 months Garry heard a small voice telling him to go back home. He contacted Judy who had one demand; that he would speak with the Pastor of her church. When he did, Garry accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. 

Garry has been faithfully married to Judy ever since, and is a father of three and grandfather of four. -