Kingdom K9's

The Kingdom K9 program is a new initiative that was launched with the heart of using therapy dogs with certifications to build relationships and make connections with first responders and service members across the country. 

The program is led by Harley's Handler, Becky. Becky brings years of experience along with a powerful vision of using trained K9's to advance God's Kingdom. Read Becky's heart and vision for the program below:

Meet "Harley" ETLs first Kingdom K-9 ambassador. "Harley" is an all American "girl"  with a nonstop wiggle, wag, and enthusiasm for people that creates opportunities to share Christ. 

"Harley" was adopted from the Annapolis, MD SPCA with service in mind.  Over the past 5 years, God has provided opportunities through "Harley" to create Christ-centered conversations.  She has unofficially served in therapeutic work at the United States Naval Academy (USNA). As I mentored midshipmen with Navigators and Baptist Collegiate Ministries, "Harley" graciously accepted the role of comforter to many a "mid." 

When in the general public, people regularly request an opportunity to meet her.  She's that kind of cute meets canine! As for myself, my eclectic background following Christ includes military wife, mother, ministry and missions, outreach education, animal behavior. My husband Andy and I have sought out an avenue to combine my gifts with "Harley's" while also full-time Rving. 

Thus, enter...Enter the Lion!  A ministry with a mission dedicated to coming alongside fellow Christians in service to the community and connecting one another in Christ.  Co-founders Josh and Billy caught the vision of having "Harley" as the first official Kingdom K-9 of ETL. Her new role is to represent Christ, connect service members and law enforcement to ETL as well as making positive connections with communities across America.  The desire is to uphold the truth of Christ with a standard of canine training that represents Christ and his creation well.

"Harley" made her first public appearance in Bend, Oregon at the last Blockbuster in the world. (We had to make it memorable!) Already in her new role, she has clearly become  my special, "tactical" support to help be a more effective ambassador for Christ and an ambassor for ETL.  
May we both be used to help point people to Christ and the opportunities available through ETL.  Please pray for "Harley's" Kingdom K-9 work to open doors and open hearts for His glory and Kingdom come!

- Becky

For more information on the program or to request a visit from Harley, email Becky at

If you would like to financially support Harley and the Kingdom K9 program, click here, and simply type "K9" in the donation box!