Life of David Study

Get plugged into community with us!

How am I supposed to make it to church or Bible study when my schedule rotates every week or my days off are constantly cancelled? We know that isolation and lack of biblical community can be a serious issue for those in our profession; and while there is no replacement for being apart of a local church, we know that there can be seasons where getting plugged in can be tough. 

We seek to offer a solution to this all too common problem with our online discipleship studies. Link shields with first responders from across the globe in a flexible, small-group setting. Join today to deepen your intimacy with God while forging brotherhood/sisterhood.



The Life of David

Our current study is a 10 week course on the life of King David. We will take an in-depth look at what it means to be a "man or woman after God's own heart" while examining David's life from beginning to end. This study is open to any first responder or service member (current or former) who is interested! 

Participants of the study will be assigned a group with one ETL group leader and 2-3 other participants. Every week you will receive a short video study on that week’s lesson. You can watch the video and complete any complimentary reading at your leisure. 

Each week, your group leader will lead your small group in either a short video call or text thread to discuss the study. The small groups allow for flexibility in meeting, and intimacy as a group. We pray that as the weeks progress, you will begin to form strong community with the other first responders/service members in your group, even if you are thousands of miles apart! 

To sign up simply email